Taking Charge Of The Story Of Our Health with Carl Greer, Ph.D.

Carl GreerWhat if despite aging, injuries, health conditions and illnesses you could not only return to a state of health you enjoyed previously but even improve on it? Greer explores feelings and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, that are intertwined and can influence your physical health. He encourages us to explore our own health story. He says we must write out our truth: “Then ask yourself what would you like it to be . . . and then you ask why isn’t it that way and where my unconscious factors come in?” Some of the questions he suggests you may ask yourself are: What do I need to do to regain my vitality? Is this treatment working for me and should I continue it? What is triggering my fatigue or overeating or whatever other unhealthy practice I’m doing? What’s triggering it? He encourages us to be patient with ourselves and allow little spaces for different choices. As we do the intentional work that he suggests, we must be aware of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spirituality, and see the interconnections between them and our physical bodies. He also advocates tapping into the healing intelligence and nurturing energies of the natural world. And he encourages us to partner with our inner healing helpers and guides, and participate with others in making up rituals and ceremonies that help us to integrate the positive changes in our lives.

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