Spotlight: Jacob Needleman Explores Big Questions

POSTED September 13, 2017 IN

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With these four programs we are featuring a few of the dialogues we’ve had with the internationally acclaimed author and consummate philosopher, Jacob Needleman. Here he explores such topics as: how to see time as a question rather than a problem, the sacred meaning of America, our tendency to obey rather than seek true freedom, and why knowledge is inseparable from goodness.

Jacob NeedlemanReal Time
with Jacob Needleman, Ph.D.

Program 2695
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It seems as if time is speeding up and most of us are feeling like victims of “busyness,” as we become obsessed with being more efficient. Needleman likens time management to “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” He discusses the meaning of time, how we may experience the gifts of time, and time as a question rather than a problem. Read more »

Jacob NeedlemanRediscovering America’s Founding Principles
with Jacob Needleman, Ph.D.

Program #2906
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American democracy has existed for more than two hundred years, surviving bloody wars, challenges, betrayals and bashing, and the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001. Here Jacob Needleman explores the sacred meaning of America. Read more »

Jacob NeedlemanSeeking Wisdom
with Jacob Needleman, Ph.D.

Program 2088
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Learning to listen to our inner voice, living in relationship, suffering and liberation, finding providential help along the way and much more are covered by Needleman, as he speaks to the depth and breadth of the spiritual search. He emphasizes the power of the oral tradition and the need to be open and receptive to truth when it appears. Read more »


Jacob NeedlemanThe Search For Wisdom
with Jacob Needleman, Ph.D.

Program 3501
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Philosopher Needleman eloquently shares with us how the ability to focus our attention is an energy that is uniquely human. He astounds us with ideas of what love is and how it may be sustained. Further, he talks about time and the two fundamental natures of humankind, the external nature and the divine nature. All this and more is covered in this riveting dialogue. Read more »

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