Dear Listeners,


New Dimensions is a lean operation dependent on the generosity of a core team of committed people and your support. Troubleshooting on an individual basis requires technical support that costs much more than the cost of a small purchase. So please try the following tips before contacting us for help.


How to Choose a Download Purchase
or Membership Contribution

To purchase an mp3 download:
  • In our top menu, click FIND DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAMS.
  • Find a program you want to download.
  • Click on the photo, then click Add To Cart.
To Donate, Join or Renew:
  • Click Donate, Join or Renew in our homepage sidebar.
  • Choose a donation, then click Add To Cart.
Then click on the Checkout button. This will take you to the Login screen.


How to Log In (or Create a New Account)

Log in with your user name and password.
  • If your login is rejected, retype your user name and password carefully.
  • If that fails, click on Forgot your Password? and follow the instructions. You’ll receive an email with complete instructions for changing your password.

OR: To create a new account, click Sign Up and fill in all the required fields.

NOTE: You can log into your account at any time by clicking on the Account button next to the Shopping Cart button any page.


About Receipts and Transaction Problems

When your purchase is complete you will receive three emailed receipts:
  • A numbered order confirmation (Please ignore any references to “shipment.”)
  • A PayPal receipt
  • A “downloads are ready” receipt from our e-commerce provider, Shopify

If any of these fails to arrive promptly, check your spam folder.

NOTE: These receipts will appear only after your transaction is completed. If they are delayed or don’t go through, consult PayPal or your credit card company. Unfortunately we have no control over the payment process.


How to Download, Save and Play Purchased Programs
on Your Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • After you submit your payment and check out, the Order Received page will appear with a Download file button under the title of each purchased item.
  • You will also receive two confirmation emails and a separate email that includes download links for your purchased items.
  • Click the buttons to download your mp3s to your designated download folder in your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Then you can play them using any software that plays mp3 files, such as iTunes for Mac or Windows. Usually just double-clicking on the mp3 file will open the right player software.


If You Use a Mobile Device (Phone or Tablet)

  • Most mobile devices don’t allow you to download and store audio files the way regular desktop and laptop computers do. But if you click on a download button or link, the program will load temporarily into your mobile device’s browser, where you can play it. You can’t store it permanently in your mobile device, but if you want to play the file again you can always click again on the related button or link.
  • When you’re done you can click on another program’s download button or link, and that program will play in your browser.
  • If you’ve downloaded your mp3s to your regular computer, you can also sync your computer with your mobile device, using iTunes, Dropbox, etc.  How to do this can vary with your device, operating system and installed apps. But instructions can be found online, or you can consult a knowledgeable friend, your local computer shop, Apple Store, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, etc.


Problems With Playback?

Downloaded Programs Not Playing All the Way Through?

  • If your program only plays part way through after downloading it, you may have an incomplete download due to an interruption in your internet connection during the download. If this happens, please find your purchase receipt email, and repeat the download.

Free Listening Programs on our Home Page interrupted?

  • Your internet connection may be interrupted or congested, so:
  • Make sure you are not downloading or uploading anything else (or syncing your Dropbox or other cloud-storage account)
  • Close any other programs that are using the internet
  • Turn off any other computers, tablets, gaming consoles, etc., that share your home network


How to Give a New Dimensions Download as a Gift

It’s easy. Just purchase the download. Your “downloads are ready” Shopify receipt will include a link to the download you purchased. Copy and paste this link into an email and send it to your gift recipient.


If You Must Contact Us For Help

Email Be sure to let us know:

  • What difficulty you’re having
  • What device you are using to play mp3s (Desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, brand and model)
    • Windows? Mac? Apple mobile device? Android mobile device?
  • What operating system version you’re using.
    • Here’s how to find it:
      On Macs: Apple menu –> About This Mac
      On iPhones and iPads: Settings –> General –> About –> Version
      On Windows: Start Button –> Computer –> Properties –> Windows Edition
      On Android mobile devices: Settings –> About (phone or device) –> Android Version
  • What browser name and version (If not sure, use your browser and go to