Our Healing Is Enmeshed In Our Culture with David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW

November 18, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Free Listening Through December 5, 2023:     Keep listening while you browse! Click on the Pop out player button, above on the right. Bedrick says that when we want to go for deep healing of some personal issue we must realize that there is a larger culture in which…

The Creative Path Is A Life Path with Cathy Wild

September 13, 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
Cathy Wild
Free Listening, Interviews
Creativity is a journey with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. To be creative, one cannot watch from the sidelines. Cathy Wild suggests that there is no set formula for the creative process; there are no steps 1, 2, 3, or A, B, C that guarantee a successful…

Relating More Effectively With All Our Relationships with Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

June 28, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Rick Hanson
Free Listening, Interviews
Most of our joys and sorrows come from our connections with other people. So why does so much of our communication with others result in so much conflict and misunderstandings? How might we do better in giving others the love that we have in our hearts?—also—How can we get better…

Healing The Body By Clearing Emotional Energy with Amy B. Scher

January 18, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Amy B. Scher
Free Listening, Interviews
When we feel pain in our body, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. When we experience injury, illness, or disease, we treat the symptoms with medication, physical therapy or alternative medicine. But sometimes treating the symptoms isn’t enough. Our bodies are often telling us that there is…

Ending The Cycle Of Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn

January 4, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Inherited family traumas may be at the core of our inability to succeed in life. Wolynn’s research has shown that unresolved traumatic events in our families can hinder how success flows to us and how well we are able to receive it. He has helped hundreds of people to discover…

At The Heart Of Loneliness with Kira Asatryan

November 21, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
Kira Asatryan
Despite being connected 24/7 with others, post-modern life is replete with loneliness. Kira Asatryan says the antidote to loneliness is a matter of feeling connected, valued, and cared about.

Knowing The Nature Of Your Elemental Personality with Debra Silverman

August 3, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
Debra Silverman
Debra Silverman suggests that each of us has basic personality traits that can be seen in the context of the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire. Understanding which element is most prevalent in your personality and which ones are weak will help you to understand what is missing…

Tap Into Your Inner Knowing Through The Body with John J. Prendergast, Ph.D.

March 30, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
John J. Prendergast
Many spiritual practices guide us in what is known as “waking up.” Even though this process gives us a great sense of freedom and spaciousness, John J. Prendergast suggests that the path to “waking up” is by “waking down.” As we tune into our bodies, we receive messages where our…

Triggers and Trauma as Portals to Growth with Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

January 12, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell reminds us that “Our unprocessed emotional wounds and the reactions that arise from them are what makes us go to war, blow up at our children, get hostile on the freeways, hit “send” on that email rant, walk out of meetings, argue with loved ones, and make shortsighted…

Psychedelics: Medicine or Drug? with Richard Miller, Ph.D.

December 22, 2021
Read Time: 2 minutes
Miller has reviewed and conducted interviews with leading scientists in America who are investigating the effects on humans of psychedelic medicines such as LSD, MDMA, also known as ecstasy, Psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, and Ayahuasca. His first experience with psychedelics began in 1966 when he was teaching psychology…

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