Reclaiming Wonder and Hope with Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

August 16, 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
Hank Wesselman
Free Listening, Interviews
Wesselman encourages us to move beyond “hand-me-down” beliefs and religions. Instead he invites us to co-create with spirit and follow a path of direct experience of the sacred. Our collective plunge down the steep slope of progress has come at the cost of a deep, intuitive connection with nature and…

Listening to What Trees Have to Teach Us with Ellen Dee Davidson

June 7, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Here we explore what it means to be in conversation with trees. Davidson hikes into an ancient redwood forest on a regular basis and practices “forest bathing”. Being a naturally highly sensitive empath, she began getting messages from the trees when she would sit with them and go into a…

Dreams: Our Internal GPS with Linda Yael Schiller

November 30, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Do you remember your dreams? It’s said that dream images come from our unconscious pool of wisdom and there’s much personal insight to be gained when we pay attention to the night murmurings of our dreamtime. Dreamwork is a viable means of knowledge of self. Dreams contain deep intelligence as…

Become a Pilgrim and Explore Inner and Outer Wilderness with Brooke Williams

April 13, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
Committed advocate of the preservation of wilderness and an explorer of both the outer and inner wilderness, Brooke Williams is constantly looking to understand and experience the value of wild places and what that means for modern humans. Born as a white male of privilege he asks the question, “How best…

Wiccan Magic: A Coincidence Cooperation with Cerridwen Fallingstar

February 16, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
Magic can be described as the art of sensing energy, then learning how to flow with the energy rather than resisting it. It’s spiritual aikido. As humans we find comfort in what is predictable and unchanging. However, the nature of reality is that everything changes, everything is in flux, everything…

Stretching Time with Focused Perception with Lisa Broderick

October 27, 2021
Read Time: 1 minute
How often have you exclaimed, “There isn’t enough time.” Albert Einstein once wrote: “People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Lisa Broderick says “Once you understand the science of time, you understand that our experience of time is one part physical…

Encountering the Mysteries of Descending to Soul with Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.

March 24, 2021
Read Time: 1 minute
Plotkin says that encounters with spirit is a transcendent experience. However, encounters with soul takes us on a spiritual descent. He reveals how humans are the only species that need instructions as to what our purpose is in the larger Earth community. For example, Salmon need no instructions as to…

Our Multiplicity of Selves with James Fadiman, Ph.D. and Jordan Gruber, J.D.

November 18, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
  What is the dynamic nature of personality? Do each of us consist of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable selves? Are we an unruly republic of independent entities, a multiplicity of selves? In this dialogue we explore how we discover, honor, and work with each of these selves. Fadiman and…

Reimagining A Religion That Feeds Your Soul with Thomas Moore, Ph.D.

July 8, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Thomas Moore
Church attendance continues to decline as many of us abandon the religious institutions of our youth. However, in today’s culture the search for the sacred has never been more active. Thomas Moore suggests that nature, art, and accessing the wealth of traditional spiritual wisdom can be of enormous help in…

Our Primary Connection With Divine Mind with Stephen G. Post, Ph.D.

December 18, 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
Stephen G. Post
Post shows us an example of noticing and following the synchronicities that come to us as guiding stepping-stones for our life path. He tells of a reoccurring dream he had as a teenager and of his mentor Dr. Rev. Rod Welles who recognized the dream as prophetic. His dream was…

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