Chickens: An Antidote to Life’s Blistering Pace with Tedra Hamel

June 5, 2024
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Keeping chickens in an urban setting has become increasingly popular in recent years. They not only produce eggs, they give us the delightful pleasure of their company. When feeling stressed and anxious just take a moment or two to pull up a chair outside a chicken coop and let these…

Meditating in Nature with Mark Coleman

May 29, 2024
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Coleman describes his surprising past when he was an anti-establishment anarchist and a punk to finding the teachings of mindfulness. He says both paths are revolutionary, “The Buddha talked about mindfulness awakening as also going against the stream of normative culture and views. And so, in that way, there was…

Wild Animals: Our Natural Allies with Brenda Peterson

May 22, 2024
Read Time: 1 minute
Brenda Peterson
Free Listening, Interviews
As a young child, Peterson’s original playmates were wild animals. She grew up in a Forest Service lookout cabin in a forest preserve on the border of California and Oregon. Her father was a forest ranger, later to become the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service. Peterson is directing us…

Awakening in a World in Unprecedented Transition with Duane Elgin

January 3, 2024
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
The collective human family is straddling unprecedented, threshold times. We’re living in the most difficult transition humanity will ever have to make. This situational crisis is so much more than climate change; it’s a whole system change. Yet, despite the extreme nature of our situation, we’re also living in a…

Holding the Feathers of Grief and Joy with Trebbe Johnson

December 27, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
A new kind of heroism is needed in facing the dire problems of the 21st century. The truth is we can’t confront any emergency, whether it’s personal, local, or global, by hoping and praying that the problem will go away or waiting for someone else to act. Trebbe Johnson suggests that…

Poetry: An Embodied Experience with Jane Hirshfield

November 8, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Jane Hirshfield
Free Listening, Interviews
More than the torrent of data and information that is coming from an increasingly polarized and rageful culture, it’s poetry that’s enlivening our hearts. It’s poetry that takes us to a grander landscape and leads us to the wholeness of things. It helps us stand from a vantage point that…

Rejoicing with Nature In Our Own Backyards with Margaret Renkl

October 4, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
This program may stir up many memories of encounters with the wild neighbors in your own backyard. Renkl suggests stepping out of our small world of computer screens, smart phones, and TVs to step into the larger natural world, which is everywhere, just outside our front door. She helps us…

Imagining A Sustainable And Regenerative Society with Daniel Pinchbeck

September 20, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Daniel Pinchbeck
Free Listening, Interviews
Change is going to come no matter what, so it behooves us to engage our imagination toward the kind of future we want. We need to go deep into what truly makes us happy. Pinchbeck is advocating nothing less than the need to embrace our responsibility for understanding what’s happening…

Reclaiming Wonder and Hope with Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

August 16, 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
Hank Wesselman
Free Listening, Interviews
Wesselman encourages us to move beyond “hand-me-down” beliefs and religions. Instead he invites us to co-create with spirit and follow a path of direct experience of the sacred. Our collective plunge down the steep slope of progress has come at the cost of a deep, intuitive connection with nature and…

Listening to What Trees Have to Teach Us with Ellen Dee Davidson

June 7, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Here we explore what it means to be in conversation with trees. Davidson hikes into an ancient redwood forest on a regular basis and practices “forest bathing”. Being a naturally highly sensitive empath, she began getting messages from the trees when she would sit with them and go into a…

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