Spotlight: The Infinite Nondual Universe – An Evolutionary Spiritual Path

POSTED September 5, 2018 IN

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The integral path, or the path of nonduality, goes beyond polarities. It takes us beyond either/or kind of thinking. Some would say it is an openhearted awareness that is a direct experience of our interconnectedness and a dynamic experience of being held by the essence that holds all life. Explore with these four wisdom leaders, philosophers, and teachers of the nondual path in programs specially selected from the New Dimensions Program Archive.

Steve McIntosh

An Integral View Of Spiritual Experience
with Steve McIntosh, J.D.

Program 3559
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A spiritual experience has been described by some as an encounter with the presence of the infinite within our finite universe of time and space. It takes on many forms and can be conceived of in a wide variety of ways. In his integral view, McIntosh challenges us to hold two seemingly paradoxical worldviews: an infinite, nondual universe and a personal God. Read more »

Loch Kelly

Liberating Yourself Into Open-Hearted Awareness
with Loch Kelly, M.Div. LCSW

Program 3569
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Loch Kelly describes open-hearted awareness as a direct experience of our interconnectedness and the feeling of being held by the same essence that holds all life. It is a dynamic place that sparkles with life. Some describe it as “a child on the first day of summer vacation.” It is beyond head-knowing. It taps into a deeper source of intelligence and wisdom. Read more »

Rupert SpiraThe Eternal and Infinite Nature of the Self
with Rupert Spira

Program 3598
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The experience of our essential nature is available to us at any moment. We don’t have to “practice” to get there. It is not something “exotic” to our being. Teacher of nondualism Spira says, “The peace for which we long, the fulfillment for which everybody longs, lives in their own being. It’s accessible, available to everybody in their own being.” Read more »

Will Keepin

The Transformative Path of Divine Love
with William Keepin, Ph.D.

Program 3599
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Keepin states that the essence of God resides in the heart; this supreme reality is deeply personal. His work as both a scientist and a seeker of spiritual wisdom reveals that we are witnessing the birth of a vast, unified worldview that unites and cross-fertilizes East and West. This far-ranging conversation also includes a scientific view of consciousness and more. Read more »

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