Self-Discovery Through Photography with David Ulrich

David UlrichHere we explore the creative process as expressed in the art of photography. Photography can awaken our potential for expanded consciousness. It can help us become fully present, undivided, and liberated from the constraints of our mundane preoccupations. Photography appeals to many as one of the most important means of communication of the 21st century. Thanks to cell phones and digital technology it’s become the great democratic medium. We are in the early stages of a profound revolution and we can participate in shaping the realities of the new order in which images are made, seen, and shared immediately and globally without curation or censoring by editors or governments. David Ulrich explains, “The marvelous thing about photography is that it requires a dual awareness. We have to be aware of the external world; we have to be aware of our subject. At the same time, we need to be aware of ourselves because our response to the world takes place in our mind, in our heart, in our body. The more we become attentive to what’s outside of us, the more we are becoming aware of our own reactions and responses. I think when it comes to people, it naturally engenders greater empathy.”



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