Spotlight: Reclaiming Your Joy

POSTED March 21, 2018 IN

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When suffering, anxiety, or fear takes over your mindspace there are maps that will bring you back to joy. Each of these extraordinary teachers has practical tools that will guide you back to an easeful state of mind. Explore how you can move from worry to joy with four highly respected sages in these programs specially selected from the New Dimensions program archive.

Richard MossRediscover Your Center, Reclaim Your Joy
with Richard Moss, M.D.

Program 3196
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Learn how you can move through your days with greater peace and joy. Dr. Moss has developed a map of the ways we lose our awareness and let suffering take hold of our lives. He helps us find the way back to our center and the ability to be in the present, so that pain is transformed and we rediscover our compassion—for ourselves, for others, and for the world. Read more »

Caroline MyssBecoming a Mystic Outside the Monastery
with Caroline Myss

Program 3199
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Caroline Myss says, “We’ve developed an idea that approaching God could be done any way we want and that it doesn’t require prayer, reflection, or contemplation. We’ve substituted therapy for devotion.” She points out that in order to live a life of meaning we must go beyond a life of acquisitions and move into a life of devotion. Read more »


Seeing Miracles
with Susan Apollon

Program 3133
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Susan Apollon sees miracles everywhere, every day, and she teaches others to do the same thing. Here she shares her own extraordinary experiences, and stories she’s gathered in her years of studying miracles in the lives of others. She talks about coincidences, the protection of guardian angels, communication from loved ones who have died, and the healing power of love. Read more »


John SelbyManage Your Mind/Take Charge Of Your Life
with John Selby

Program 3126
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John Selby presents a simple and direct approach to how we manage our own personal energy, and brings home how crucial it is, not only to succeeding in life, but to survival itself. Calm your mental clutter and feel more grounded as you listen to how you can manage your individual energy supply to consciously determine what you manifest in life. Read more »

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