Connecting With Our Inner Guidance with Ellen Tadd

Ellen TaddThere are those of us who function primarily out of our analytical mind. Others of us are governed by our intuition or are moved to act from our gut feelings. This dialogue explores another force that can assist us in finding trustworthy guidance in our lives. Here we investigate what we can reliably turn to help us navigate life’s twists and turns. Tadd gives an example of the very simple but effective practice of shifting our focus from our solar plexus, a place of worry and fear, to the third eye, a place of spiritual perspective. She says, “Fulfillment comes from actualizing our spiritual nature at the personality level and this is key because we’re taught that fulfillment comes from getting what we want. I think it’s a terrible setup. I don’t know anyone who gets everything they want. What that does is breeds an unhappy culture, a dissatisfied culture. But if we change the definition of happiness to what my guide’s definition is, which is the actualization of our spiritual nature, then what becomes most important is how are we manifesting ourselves rather than what happens to us.” 



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