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Richard Moss“There is no way New Dimensions, and Michael and Justine Toms can ever know how many minds and hearts have been touched by their work. While New Dimensions showcases visionary thought leaders, it is Justine and (the late) Michael Toms who are the roots and the branches of this contribution to the evolutionary arc of the collective human soul. Although financial stress has accompanied this journey all along and at times that burden, against a culture in which success is so often measured in financial terms, must have made them wonder about the value of their work, I reiterate that there is no money that could ever value what New Dimensions has accomplished. I doubt a single week goes by that I am not telling people about this extraordinary program series and archive of incomparable interviews that span everything related to essential social issues, consciousness, spirituality, ecology, and so much more. Please consider a financial contribution to this most worthy endeavor.”

Richard Moss, M.D., teacher and author of Inside-Out Healing:
Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence

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