Spotlight: The Natural World and Our Profound Connection to It

POSTED January 24, 2018 IN

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These four wisdom masters are a MUST for your listening library. They are the shoulders on which so many eco-warriors stand. The truth is that so often we want to turn away from conversations about the environment and our connection to it. However, you’ll find these voices compelling, poetic, and deeply inspiring. They are specially selected from the New Dimensions archive.

Edward Abbey

Resist Much, Obey Little: The Writer As Social Critic
with Edward Abbey

Program 2115
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The environmental movement stands on the shoulders of one of the American West’s leading advocates, the late Edward Abbey. Here he admonishes us to make a difference, “to oppose injustice, to defy the powerful, to speak for the voiceless.” With wry humor and candor, he points to the serious environmental crises caused by “simple greed” and “stealing from our children.” Read more »

Daily Bread
with Wendell Berry

Program 1929
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This farmer, ecologist, and writer speaks of enduring values, the wholeness of life, and the interdependence of all creatures (including humans). Berry’s self-discipline and ethical sense come through as he leads us from the microcosm of his Kentucky hill farm to the macrocosm of a sane and reasoned planetary vision based on personal integrity, faithfulness, and love. Read more »

Paul Shepard

The Philosophy Of Wildness
with Paul Shepard, Ph.D.

Program 2162
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Shepard intimates that, in contrast to the modern technological world, wildness is part of our heritage. Even though suppressed, its lure is constant. He spent a lifetime exploring the wonders of the wild. He reveals the dangers of domesticating animals. He tells some great stories about bears and encourages us to recognize our kinship with all life on the earth. Read more »

Program 3180
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Jensen notes: a principal problem with Western thought is that it views the natural world as a metaphor and nature as a commodity. He argues that the key to change and life sustaining action is rooted in seeing nature as sentient – a being worthy and deserving of personal relationship. Read more »

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