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Carol Pearson“The first thing that comes to mind about New Dimensions and how much I love to be here. In these times, many interviews are done by phone and it makes a huge difference to be in a room with the host where you’re connected in such a way that allows for a deeper level of communication. Also, what I love about New Dimensions is that the people that they interview provide us with the kind of information that is an antidote for the many disempowering stories we have in our head. These deep dialogues help us to be aware of the more empowering stories we could be living. This helps us to notice opportunities, people, and places that we might otherwise be missing.”

Carol Pearson, Ph.D. author of
Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within

Justine Willis TomsThe following Spotlight highlights some of our most fundamental human beliefs and shows us how to align our actions with those beliefs. Through this kind of deep questioning, we can rediscover abundant living in harmony with the natural world. Timeless programs such as these are only possible because of your membership support.

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