Exploring the Sacred Feminine with Lisa Schrader

Lisa SchraderSchrader gives an example of Shakti energy, “Our Shakti is a feminine lifeforce energy that marries with our well-honed masculine skills to create new life, which could be a biological child, or a project, a new business, or painting, or an amazing pot of soup. It’s creative life force energy.”  She goes on to reveal that we don’t want to throw out the great masculine qualities of penetrating life with our ideas, our vision, our mission, and our ability to stay on task and stay focused. “We need the banks of the river to hold the feminine flow which is sometimes going into an eddy or flowing over boulders. Sometimes it moves in rapids of grief or rage and sometimes in stillness. We need all of that working together and that’s what we’re reclaiming.” Women are so often the caretakers of their families and communities and functioning in the mode of giving. She explains that giving is an aspect of a masculine energetic and says, “The gift to give is to penetrate and is a doing energy. In the deep and sacred feminine it is a receiving energy just as the womb receives the sperm and creates an entire life out of that.”  She uses the analogy of a tree to describe our inner resources. We need to be grounded like roots; we need to give and receive love from the heart like the trunk of the tree; and we need to connect with spirit akin to the branches reaching upwards.



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