Not many years ago I was driving along in my car and going through some
adversities and challenges in my life. I was seeking direction, inspiration, guidance, and a voice. I found that in New Dimensions Radio. In listening and absorbing the transformative wisdom, I was able to literally change my mind set and allow myself the space to explore what is deeply important to me in my life. I couldn’t have done it without New Dimensions Radio. I am a supporter myself and encourage anyone listening to make a contribution and to get behind it. It is one of the most important and enduring legacies on our radio and Jonas Kofflerpodcast landscape.



Jonas Koffler is the author of Hustle:
Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning and Momentum


Even though we are experiencing breakdowns in many aspects of our society, we are on the precipice of taking a collective, evolutionary leap. These breakdowns can and do precede great evolutionary changes. As the theme of New Dimensions states, “It is only through a change in human consciousness that the world will be transformed.”

We are seeing and experiencing that change in consciousness on a global scale. New Dimensions is part of the effort to step into a new and life-sustaining future as it continues to seed the conversation and encourage people to step forward into that evolutionary stream.

Your support is critical in the continuation of the production and distribution of these inspiring, insightful, and practical deep dialogues through your donation.

Please help to keep us broadcasting seeds of a positive future for all.

 With best wishes and deep appreciation,



Justine Toms
Co-founder, Volunteer Executive Director, and Host

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