How Words Can Change the Outcome of a Crisis Situation with Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D.

 Dr. Prager’s book, The Worst is Over, is hailed as the ‘Bible’ for crisis communication. This deep dialogue explores the power of Verbal First Aidtm in helping someone who is in fear, shock, stress, or trauma. She illustrates, with many stories, how particular words and phrases and tone of voice can be extremely effective in assisting the healing process and even avoiding PTSD. She cautions us to not negate the concerns of the person in distress or try to fix them. Rather, she says it is important to say words such as, “I hear you,” followed by “I’m right here.” Or, “You are not alone.” Or, “Help is on the way.” This dialogue also delves into caring for ourselves and others as we shelter in place during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Humans are naturally hard-wired to want to be of help to others. Her many stories and practical examples of words that heal will give you the ability to be more effective in being of help to others in need.

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