Spotlight: Nature: The Best Medicine for the Times

POSTED May 20, 2020 IN


Our connection with nature is the oldest form of spirituality in the world. In these troublesome times, it offers us a place to calm our spirit and renew our soul. Here are four MP3s specially selected from the New Dimensions archive that will get us out of the clanging in our heads and into the simple rhythms and sounds of nature.

Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Exploring Nature’s Wildness In The City
with Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Program 3322
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Even in the midst of a city we can rediscover our connection with the natural world. Haupt reminds us that “we’re intimately involved in the more-than-human world at every moment.” This author of Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness delights us with fascinating stories of crows and more.  Read more »


The Wild And Timeless Poet
 Thomas Rain Crowe

Program 3143
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“You don’t need to go looking for answers. Probably the best way to find them is to stop looking for them, in the sense of being still and being in one place.” These words from Thomas Rain Crowe come straight from his own experience. After following the poet’s path through Ireland, France, and the beat neighborhoods of San Francisco, he found a different rhythm and a different muse in the Appalachian woods of North Carolina.  Read more » 


Your Wild, Sacred Soul
with Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.

Program 3237
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Deep into his career as a psychotherapist and research psychologist, Bill Plotkin recognized that as we surround ourselves with the trappings of our culture, and distance ourselves from nature, a host of emotional and spiritual troubles emerge. He placed himself in nature’s guiding hands and found his true calling in helping others find theirs.  Read more » 

Terry Tempest Williams

Wild Heart: The Politics Of Place
with Terry Tempest Williams

Program 2460
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Environmental politics becomes a matter of sensual passion rather than political correctness in this rich, colorful mosaic of thoughts on wildness, landscape, animals, and humans. It sparkles with gems of insight mined from Williams’ own profound sense of belonging in nature and includes the voice of the late Edward Abbey, maverick environmentalist and friend of hers.  Read more » 

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