Humor Saves the Day From Loss with Allen Klein

Allen KleinEveryone has their own unique way of grieving loss. Klein says, “I believe loss is a gift; from every loss we learn. We learn, if nothing else, how precious life is. We need to appreciate what we have right now.” He speaks from the experience of losing his 34 year old wife, Ellen, to a rare terminal illness leaving him with a 12 year old daughter. Ellen’s death triggered a deeply personal inquiry. He asked himself such questions as: What is death? Why do people die? Why did this happen to me? Even after her death, Klein felt Ellen’s guidance in finding his “true work.” Her humor survives and continues to encourage him in the work he does today, therapeutic humor. Klein says, “Grieving is very important, but also, I don’t think we give enough credit to finding the humor.” He also points out how deep listening is important in being with those who are in bereavement.

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