In a Dark Wood with Anthony Lawlor

dark woods

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Former guest Anthony Lawlor shared this wonderful story with us.

“One night I was driving through Iowa and Michael Toms was interviewing David Whyte on New Dimensions. They were talking about Dante. I was in the mid-point of my life and had come to a [metaphoric] dark wood. This conversation was so resonant with where I was at in my life; it was such a gift to hear that discussion about the human experience. I had never thought about it in that way. But,you know, it was just absolutely vital to my life experience.”


Anthony Lawlor

Anthony Lawlor, architect and author of
The Temple in the House: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Architecture
and A Home for the Soul: A Guide to Dwelling with Spirit and Imagination




We know others who heard significant information on New Dimensions when they found themselves at a turning point in their lives. I sincerely believe there is an invisible hand, some call it spirit and others call it the great mystery, which uses New Dimensions in synchronistic ways to speak to the soul. Lives change, the heart is moved, eyes are opened to a new path. That is why this program series deserves to be supported. Consciousness is changing for the better and New Dimensions is one of the beacons lighting the way.

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Justine Willis Toms,
Co-founder, Host
New Dimensions Radio


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