Finding Our Guiding Light In Turbulent Seas

If you are like me, you are constantly trying to keep your footing in these turbulent and uncertain seas. It can feel as if we are tossed hither and yon on a relentless swirling storm. What keeps me from being tossed into the fierce surf is a light that guides me home. The essence of that light is composed of all the profound and fantastic wisdom leaders I get to meet and interview. Those moments ground me; they help me plant my feet on something solid that holds me in the storms. AND we have microphones in order to share those moments with you. Hopefully they help you feel grounded and inspired to continue to be hopeful and continue with your own personal contribution to a better world.

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Justine Willis Toms
Co-Founder, Volunteer Executive Director & Host



 Dr. Ann Kaiser Stearns has said this about her experience of being a guest on New Dimensions.

“I had a scare with a breast lump and listened to the program that I did with New Dimensions years ago and even though it was my own words and voice I was listening to; it was really helpful to me. Of all the radio programs I’ve been on through the years, being hosted by New Dimensions was an extraordinary experience that stands out from all my other media experiences.”


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