Illness As A Message From The Soul with Christine Page, M.D.


Christine PageChristine Page suggests there is an underlying psychological and emotional component to illness, and this makes up the soil of the body. Page believes illness is a lived experience of the mind/body/spirit and not just a physiological episode. When working with someone, she asks herself, “What is the underlying disturbance and disharmony that is going on in these tissues that allow a virus to get in?” She looks at the emotional keys that unlock the genetic status and agrees with biologist Bruce Lipton, who talks about the cell membrane being the interface between the inner and outer world. This is where beliefs reside and influence our interactions with the world. Page advises us to tend the soil of our body and says, “Your soil is made up of your belief systems, your perceptions.” As a medical doctor, it is her experience that illness isn’t just a physiological episode. She tells us to listen to the intuitive messages from our soul telling us it is time to change. When we keep ignoring these messages, our bodies will stop us in our tracks by getting sick. She advises us to not get sick in the first place but if we do, rather than trying to fix the illness, see it as a message to change. She also shares her research on the divine feminine and how a woman’s moon cycle is much more than just preparing the way to get pregnant. It is about bringing forth the powerful energies of creativity, connectivity, and transformation. 


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