Moving From Despair To Hope In Threshold Times: Part 2 with Paul Rogat Loeb

Paul Rogat Loeb

Sometimes our activity for positive change in the world makes a visible leap and other times the impact of our work takes a seemingly long time to show any results. As Loeb points out, “You draw hope from the knowledge that whatever it is that you do, something unexpected is going to happen. And, it often happens at the periphery of your vision.” He encourages us to stay in the game by sharing many inspiring stories of innovation and courage and to keep doing what is right and good for us to do without being overly attached to the outcome. He points out that there is a value in living with ambiguity and partial victories. He admonishes us to avoid isolation, which is a killer of our spirit to persevere. A grassroots movement often unfolds when unlikely people get together and are joined by someone with a recognizable name. But its foundation is not built on hierarchy and that is what makes it so powerful.




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