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Arjuna Ardagh author of Radical Brilliance reminds us of the depth that is available in these New Dimensions deep dialogues.

Arjuna Ardagh“We live in a time of catastrophically short attention spans where we really want to try and understand profound and deep subjects in ridiculously superficial byte size chunks. The interviewer who’s willing to read the book carefully from cover to cover and make deep notes and truly think things through, squeezing the juice from understanding is unfortunately becoming rarer and rarer. However, Justine Willis Toms is one of those rare people who is carrying on the legacy of her late husband, Michael Toms, and going deeply with her guests. The Toms’ duo have been doing this for 45 years. It is truly a great honor to be on this show and a great honor to be with an interviewer who really does the prep work and asks intelligent questions that can allow the perfume that’s hidden inside the rosebud of the book to release itself.”

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