The Science of Consciousness: Life After Death with Christina Rasmussen

Christina RasmunssenOften the death of someone we love shifts reality as we’ve known it and brings forth an opening just wide enough for us to begin seeking a deeper truth, a multi-dimensional one. This inquiry can take us closer to a more expansive understanding of our own timeless consciousness. It is said that the next frontier is the exploration of consciousness and that the material world may reflect only small portions of the universe. Christina Rasmussen has a way of putting us in direct contact with the multi-dimensional universe, one in which we can meet with those who have died, through what she calls Temple Journeys. She has taught thousands to experience these journeys and says they are not guided meditations or visualizations. “[The Temple Journeys] are a framework that allows the invisible world to be seen so we can trust enough to allow our brain to let go of this reality and for consciousness to grab us and show the expansive nature of our existence.” You’ll find this deep dialogue both exciting and enlightening.




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