Cleaning the Psychic Debris From Our Homes with Sheldon Norberg

Sheldon NorbergHave you ever walked into a house that just didn’t feel right? Maybe it’s your own home. Are there rooms you tend to avoid? Well, you might want to call a psychic house cleaner, one who can detect, identify, and clean up negative energy patterns in your home. One such person is Sheldon Norberg. His experience is that energetic patterns are established by the primary inhabitants of a house and that the houses themselves seem to have contracts to maintain these patterns. He says, “The one thing that I keep seeing is that a house has an agreement with the people who built it, bought it, originally lived there or lived there more intensely.” He would ask himself: “I wonder, what was the intention of the people who originally lived there, what was their relationship like on a family level, and how did that set a footprint for what people are going to feel like living there?” Part of his work is to renegotiate contracts with our homes as well as to clear out negative energies.



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