Writing As A Way To An Awakened Life with Albert Flynn DeSilver

 DeSilver describes how writing from the body rather than the head is a visceral experience that connects us with our intuition. He says, “Everybody is a creative person. It’s a matter of where you have been putting your attention. . . This is an invitation to reconnect with the power of your imagination.” He tells us that poetry and stories can help us tap into our own creative process, which is extremely helpful to becoming a better writer. He also encourages us to embrace the editing and re-writing process as part of the entire endeavor. In his book DeSilver advises us to “meet whatever grief, trauma, fear, anxiety or illusion that shows up with as much joy, presence, and enthusiastic aliveness as you can muster. Say ‘yes’ to whatever comes and that is free writing, that is free being, free living, and free story telling on the path to awakening.” This conversation is filled with encouragement that will help you on your road to being a better writer.





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