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Michael Toms“The purpose of New Dimensions is to deliver information, knowledge, and wisdom. It has been enormously effective in bringing innovative ideas of changing human consciousness to a cross-section of America, creating the context of physicist David Bohm’s “shared meaning,” which in turn coalesces the cultural shift. New Dimensions activates the imagination and the innate capacity within all of us to contribute and make a difference. It is through the exchange of ideas and information that we can be empowered and enabled to meet the future with greater energy and clarity.”

– Michael Toms

Justine Willis TomsYour support and belief in New Dimensions in the past has been a major help. We send you our most heartfelt thanks.

Now, more than ever, is a time when we depend on good friends like you to support this work with a generous gift. More than 80% of New Dimensions support comes from dedicated friends like you. Can we count on you at this time?

Thank for supporting this worldwide effort in seeding the conversation for a better world.

With many thanks,

Justine Willis Toms
Cofounder, Creative Producer, Host
New Dimensions Radio

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