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I think the need and the uniqueness of New Dimensions is more acute now than ever. We’re in an age now where truth itself is under attack, where so much of media is about what they call generating content, content providers. That phrase content provider, to me sounds like we’re churning out stuff to fill up people’s eyes and ears for the sake of churning out stuff. The opposite of that is what’s done here at New Dimensions. They are producing shows that focus on what is real, what is precious, what is deeply necessary for humans to live fulfilled, happy, compassionate, kind lives. This is an irreplaceable resource.Dean Sluyter



Dean Sluyter author of
Fear Less:
Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety,
Anger and Addiction


If you yearn to enjoy more success in your personal endeavors or effect global change, New Dimensions programming will assist you in surprising ways. Choose to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading creative minds by walking the virtual corridors of the New Dimensions archive.

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