Spotlight: How Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Are Crucial to Living

POSTED March 25, 2020 IN

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We are constantly bombarded with opportunities to distract ourselves from truly living in the present moment. In this bewilderment of diversions we often find ourselves in a state of worry and stress. Specially selected from the New Dimensions archive of programs, these MP3 downloads from four wisdom leaders highlight practical ways to bring our minds back to the moment that is rich with meaning and wonder.

Daniel GolemanAppreciating Emotional Intelligence
with Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.

Program 2548
MP3 Download
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Intelligence is more than IQ. Goleman demonstrates how our view of human intelligence is far too narrow and does not take into consideration what he calls “emotional intelligence.” This dialogue provides solid advice about handling the pitfalls of emotionality and expands our understanding of how we learn. Read more »

Jon Kabat ZinnFalling Awake
with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.

Program 2436
MP3 Download
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Kabat-Zinn has decades of experience in the effectiveness of meditative techniques for chronic stress and pain conditions as well as simple daily annoyances. Here he looks at the relevance of mindfulness and meditation. He reminds us that paying attention to the moment gives us meaning, wonder, and joy in life. He says, “[W]e are actually starving for mindfulness.” Read more »

James Baraz

James Baraz

Joy And Happiness Are An Inside Job
with James Baraz

Program 3377
MP3 Download
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Life is not a destination; it is a fluid movement. It takes practice to overcome the daily stresses that make us dense, concretized, and armored. Baraz gives us many steps that we can take to help life move through us as a blessing and shares several simple but effective meditations to help each of us be more present and more joyful in our life.  Read more »

Ronald AlexanderNavigating Crisis With Mindfulness Practices
with Ronald Alexander, Ph.D. 

Program 3458
MP3 Download
Buy here $1.99

How may we use mindfulness practices to overcome crises? Here Alexander shares his innovative program for using mindfulness meditation, creative thinking, and cutting-edge positive psychology tools to transform times of crisis into opportunities for greater personal awareness, clarity, and creativity.  Read more »

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