Through the Lens of the Feminine Wisdom Teachings with Mirabai Starr

Mirabai StarrThe Wisdom Traditions and rituals of women mystics have been woefully neglected in both literature and in practice in most of the world’s religions. Starr shows us that feminine mystical experience with its emphasis on the value of relationships, feelings, and mutual empowerment over individual success can guide us through these turbulent times. Tune in to this deeply informative tour of our holy connection to mother earth, divine mystery, God the Mother, and the many female saints both present and historic. When asked how she reconciles her pursuit of many spiritual paths, she responds by pointing out that she follows the nectar found in many wisdom traditions rather than the dogma. She tells us this wisdom is primarily a feminine mystical experience. She doesn’t mean it is gender specific, the feminine resides in both men and women. Starr points to what is important: “The primary practice is about learning to be present with things as they are and there are spiritual technologies available to us across the spiritual traditions that help us to cultivate that depth of heartful presence in everything we do.”

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