The Power of Poetry by Young Immigrants with Patrice Vecchione

Patrice VecchioneIn this interview Vecchione, writer and teacher of poetry,  shares stories of her work with immigrant children and poems. Many of the struggles faced by young immigrants are the same all youth face: isolation, self-doubt and confusion. Vecchione discusses the healing power of poetry and puts a personal face on immigration so we can see beyond vague generalities. Here she shares a few of the poems of young people: a girl from Syria, a boy from Guam. She speaks of the refugee situation, “It’s hard to leave home. I wouldn’t move unless I had to move and these are people who, for example, in El Salvador and in Mexico may be fleeing gang violence where young men, young boys, are taken into gangs against their will. Young women are made girlfriends of the gang members; they are not treated respectfully, rather, they are raped and mistreated. There are reasons people want to come to the U.S.” One cannot help but share the sadness of a young person having to leave home. You’ll be inspired to make a difference in your community to include the large and often unheard immigrant population. 

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