I’m a Listener Just Like You

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This week you’ll hear some poetry written by several refugees and their unique experience. My heart was moved as I sat across from Patrice Vecchione who has collected some powerful poems written by these immigrants. As the conversation unfolds, I’m having an experience as a listener, just like you. My heart expands and my vision is widened along with yours.

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In joy and appreciation,

Justine Willis Toms
Cofounder, Executive Director, Host

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Here is what Patrice recently said about her time with me:

Patrice VecchioneI’ve been interviewed by many people but nobody is like Justine Willis Toms because she really makes a human connection with whomever she is interviewing. I couldn’t wait to get here today. I got here early and I sat outside waiting to come in. I was so excited because I knew she would have done her homework and she’d be ready to talk about poems of the immigrant and refugee experience. It is my great honor to be included as a guest on New Dimensions once more and I thank Justine so much for her tenderness, her smarts, and really her love.


Patrice Vecchione author of
Ink Knows No Borders: Poems of the Immigrant and
Refugee Experience (coauthor Alyssa Raymond)