The Life-Enhancing Benefits of Wonder and Awe with Allen Klein

 Here we explore the complex emotion of awe which frequently involves a sense of surprise, unexpectedness, or mystery. Wonder and awe have many benefits and here you’ll find many ways to invite more of these most positive emotions into your life. Klein shares many inspiring examples of how we can tap into the power and benefits of awe. Awe is not rare and we don’t have to go to special places in order to find it. Awe is available to us in our everyday life. Deepak Chopra says, “What you pay attention to grows.” Awe is like electricity that is always available, we just need to turn on the switch by paying attention. It can come in the form of a bird song or in observing the delight of a toddler trying to catch the swish of a dog’s tail. Awe can connect us to a larger whole and it enhances our compassion. For example, Klein tells the story of three recently released prisoners and what they are looking forward to. One of them said that the thing he’s most looking forward to is opening the refrigerator and how this would be a most amazing event for him. We all have refrigerators and this man reminds us how being able to go to our refrigerators and get a glass of milk can elicit feelings of awe, wonder, and most certainly joy.

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