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New Dimensions has a small but most extraordinary team. On April 1, I had a total shoulder replacement surgery. During the month of March, I worked ahead of time to get all the various things done that I needed to turn into my team in order for them to continue to do what they do so magnificently in the month of April. I am so grateful for their diligence, dedication, and excellence in carrying on with all the details behind the scenes that make this program series available to all of you.

The surgery was successful, I’m not in pain, and I’m on my way to having total mobility in my shoulder once more. Thank you all for your prayers and healing energy that you’ve been sending my way. Please know it has truly made a difference.

Now, I’m asking you to do your part in supporting this work financially. I’m asking you for your bold and generous partnership as we move together for a world that works for all life. Thank you for all you do to help make a better world for all beings, everywhere.

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With best wishes and deepest appreciation,



Justine Willis Toms
Co-founder and Host


I’ve been a guest on New Dimensions several times. Justine Toms is a delightful host and one of the rare interviewers who actually reads my whole book before I sit down with her. But even more than that, I love the people she has on. There’s a number of people that are no longer with us in body but their wisdom is still with us. New Dimensions preserves that wisdom so that I can listen at any time when I want to rekindle and have a feeling that they’re still around teaching me wonderful and wise things. So, thank you so much New Dimensions.



Allen Klein is the author of The Awe Factor:
How A Little Bit Of Wonder Can Make A Big Difference In Your Life.


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