The Bhagavad Gita: A Chat with God with Isaac Bentwich, M.D.

Isaac BentwichThe Bhagavad Gita is a 2500 year old sacred text of India and has been revered by such luminaries as Beethoven, Leonard Cohen, Carl Jung, Robert Oppenheimer, Mahatma Gandhi, and many others. It’s a divine song and one of the most trusted guides for happiness, meditation, and spiritual inner growth. It is presented as a dialogue of Master and Disciple, a friendly chat between Prince Arjuna, a warrior and a highly evolved spiritual seeker, and God incarnate Lord Krishna. It unfolds poetically and serves as a reflection of our internal “battlefield of the soul.” Bentwich shares his joy of the Gita, When you’re feeling ‘my mind is out of control, I cannot control it,’ here comes one of the most authoritative guides on earth, which says, ‘Hey, you’re in good shape. This is just the nature of the mind. Nothing personal. Just persevere.’ That is a reminder to be joyful, never despair. It’s like we’re having a dialogue with the inner voice of our soul. When we feel we’re not getting anywhere and our life is in shambles it is okay. You’re doing great. Just be joyful and never despair. Time after time mind will be drawn away by our senses. That’s the nature of the mind. Enjoy the world. Your senses are drawing the mind away and you need to control them as you control a pack of wolves. But this is something that requires patience. Be joyful and never despair.” 

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