Spotlight: Wisdom From Powerful Women

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Here four extraordinary women inspire us with their wisdom. Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s poem The Invitation has taken a life of its own as it has been shared around the world. Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, changed the conversation about violence against woman that also deeply affects men as well. Terry Tempest Williams, activist and naturalist, encourages us with her sharing of the powerful “Mother Tongue” that opens our hearts. And, May McCarthy, business entrepreneur, shares her wonderful technique of starting her day with a meeting with her CSO, Chief Spiritual Officer. You’ll want to hear each of these provocative and deeply engaging conversation MP3s specially selected from the New Dimensions archive.

 Honoring Your Longing 
with Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Program 2781
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The poem The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer was unexpectedly copied and shared by thousands around the world via bulletin boards, the Internet, and workshop readings. It has taken on a life of its own. Here she how this remarkable poem came to be and expands on each stanza, adding depth to the words with an authenticity that will stir you your own longing.  Read more »

Victory Over Violence
 Eve Ensler

Program 3029
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A casual conversation about menopause ultimately led to a grassroots movement that raised awareness about violence against women in the form of a play, The Vagina Monologues. Here Ensler discusses how violence against women affects everyone and why patriarchy actually oppresses men as well as women, and much more.  Read more » 

Finding Voice For Authentic ConversationTerry Tempest Williams
with Terry Tempest Williams

Program 3437
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In this warm and thoughtful program you’ll be dazzled by the mystery of Terry’s dying mother’s request for her to read her journals, but not until after her death. Terry found 3 shelves of journals only to discover all of them were blank. Puzzle about this mystery along with Terry in this far-reaching dialogue about finding one’s authentic voice.  Read more » 

May McCarthy

Meeting Daily With Our Chief Spiritual Officer
with May McCarthy

Program 3589
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Executives can spend hours in daily meetings to ensure the success of a company. What if that commitment can be applied to your own personal life? May McCarthy says we should consider working with a “Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO)” whose job it is to make our goals a reality. Our part is be clear, be disciplined, pay attention, and act.  Read more » 

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