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For being a silent donor and including New Dimensions in your will.

Justine Willis TomsEarlier this year New Dimensions received a large and surprise donation from the estate of Janice Griffel. This donation has contributed to the on-going legacy of New Dimensions and to it continuing to broadcast this most powerful and transformative weekly program series.

As you know, these deep dialogues highlight how we can live a healthier life of mind, body, and spirit while deepening our connections to self, family, community, environment, and planet feature. They feature leading edge wisdom keepers, social architects, spiritual leaders, scientists, health professionals, artists, hospice professionals and many more.

It also assures the maintenance of this singularly unique library of timeless wisdom. And it will contribute to the on-going project to digitize and preserve the more than 8000 hours of dialogues about things that matter.

As someone who is inspired and appreciates New Dimensions’ broadcasts, please consider adding New Dimensions to your legacy by including it in your estate planning. You’ll be helping insure that this special archive will be available now and for future generations.


Margaret WheatleyNew Dimensions has offered us a platform for over 45 years to talk about what’s happening in our culture and society. This is quite a phenomenal record when you think about it. Increasingly we need to have places where the voices of the prophets, the voices of the people who are commenting on our culture, the places where the voices are summoning us to be active, to make a difference. New Dimensions has provided this for me and also for so many people that I respect and revere. I can’t imagine what the darkness would feel like if New Dimensions was not available.


Margaret J. Wheatley author of
Who Do We Choose To Be? Facing Reality,
Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity.


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