We are all dealing with one issue in common – heightened stress and anxiety caused by the uncertainty surrounding the long-term financial, emotional, and personal health impacts of COVID-19. As the time of “sheltering in place” lengthens many of us and our loved ones are feeling acute stress.

As a long-time listener to New Dimensions, you know how these deep dialogues offer an antidote to the intensity of this collective moment. Each week we bring wisdom, inspiration, and impactful and practical ideas to move from stress to curiosity to creativity. The broadcasts point the way to the evolutionary leap we are making together.

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Justine Willis Toms,
Co-founder, Volunteer Executive Director, and Host


New Dimensions is essentially providing a curriculum for the future.

Jean Houston


Jean Houston, Ph.D.
is a visionary thinker, author, teacher, and philosopher
who is one of the pioneers of the Human Potential Movement
and established the Social Artistry leadership model.


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