Replacing Automatic Habits With Creative Possibilities with Arjuna Ardagh

Arjuna ArdaghArjuna Ardagh describes enlightenment as an ongoing process rather than an arrival at some fixed point. He prefers talking about awakening which suggests motion and an on-going unfoldment. The kind of coaching that he advocates is one that goes beyond the achievement of goals. He emphasizes the pursuit of your deepest longing. For example we might have a goal to be earning more money. Awakening Coaching would guide us to the deeper question of what more money in our life would give us. It is a kind of coaching that leads to peace, relaxation, and flow. He believes our “true potential is held back through all sorts of unconscious habits.” He describes the unique gifts we all have to give as our “brilliances” and it is our job to give them. He tells us that a good coach is one who can see through your personal struggles “…into your essence. You are seen beyond the packaging of your personal story and are seen in the brilliance that wants to shine through.” He describes awakening as “…a spacious, limitless consciousness which is pregnant with possibility. It’s the source of all love and creativity. It’s your true nature.”

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