Spotlight: Living In Meaningful Coincidence

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When we pay attention to certain events that spontaneously show up in our lives, such as dreaming of a long-lost friend and the next day they call, one might call this a synchronicity. When we pay attention to these events, our lives move into a greater flow, enhancing our creativity and touching the mystery beyond rational thought. Ultimately these meaningful coincidences move us into a field of the greater opportunity of inspired living. Here are thoughts from four wisdom leaders specially selected from our archive of programs.

Exploring The Realm Of SynchronicitySky Nelson-Isaacs
with Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Program 3676
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Nelson-Isaacs tells us that synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence that is personal and that it is nature’s language for communicating directly with us. He writes: “As you develop your personal sense of the meaning of events in your life, you enter into a cosmic dance with the divine that is totally unique to you.” Read more »

 A Scientific Approach to Magic
with Dean Radin, Ph.D.

Program 3632
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Scientist Radin separates magic into three categories: divination, force of will, and theurgy (evoking spirits – God force – through ceremony). Toms and Radin share some fascinating “magical” stories from their own lives. Radin posits that ”The secret power of the universe is not made out of matter and energy and physical stuff but is probably made out of consciousness.” Read more »

Program 3204
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David Peat points out there is something deeper at work in the universe and in our personal lives than chance or even rational thought. Through his stories he explores the relationship between science, art, creativity, and culture. Read more »

David-BohmParts Of A Whole
with David Bohm, Ph.D.

Program 1785
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Theoretical physicist Bohm developed a theory of quantum physics that addresses both matter and consciousness as an unbroken whole. The late Bohm’s concept of “implicate order” provides a basis for bridging science to the realm of spirit. For two decades, he explored this possibility with religious philosopher J. Krishnamurti. Read more »

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