Spotlight: Four Rabbis Share Wisdom for All Spiritual Seekers

POSTED June 22, 2022 IN

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These programs are sourced from the profound wisdom found in Jewish tradition. They include such subjects as the Jewish mysticism of the Kabbalah, the mandate that corporations be obligated to support social and environmental needs, the profound Jewish tradition of mourning and healing grief, and how prayer is a portal to Divine Source. Explore these and many other subjects with four highly respected wisdom sages in these programs specially selected from the New Dimensions program archive.

Spiritual Values in a Secular World
with Rabbi Michael Lerner

Program 3124
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What if our schools, health care systems, and political institutions nurtured our capacity to be loving and kind? What if corporations were obligated to support the social and environmental needs of the communities in which they do business? Rabbi Lerner not only imagines such a world, he has also created a template for how each of these institutions would operate. Read more » 

Kabbalah Revealed
with Rabbi David A. Cooper

Program 2689
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Ancient Jewish sages developed the tradition of the Kabbalah. Rabbi David A. Cooper is among the first to bring the mystery and mysticism of Kabbalah to us in a way that is easy to understand. Kabbalah is about bringing human consciousness to its full potential, recognizing that we are partners with God in the continuous process of creation. Read more » 

The Blessings of Mourning
with Rabbi Anne Brener

Program 2453
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Brener unfolds for us a unique perspective on grieving and mourning. She draws from the Jewish tradition, which is particularly rich and skillful on this topic: “Judaism does this well,” she says. “Our mourning rituals are really healing rituals, and there’s a wisdom in these ancient rituals” that makes them applicable to grieving persons from any cultural background.  Read more » 

Paul J. Citrin

Enlivening Prayer
with Rabbi Paul J Citrin

Program 3732
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Prayer can influence our state of mind which then has an effect on our state of body. It’s a portal that connects us with Divine Source and is an intensely personal journey inward as well as an act of conversation with the Presence of the Infinite or what some call God. It can help us to move from a primarily secular, materialistic life into a more spiritual one.  Read more » 

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