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Free Listening Air Dates

The “Airing” dates below indicate when radio stations air our programs. FREE LISTENING for each program is available for two weeks following the initial air date.  Just go to our Home Page and scroll down to Free Listening.  All of these featured programs are one hour long, and are available for purchase and download.

Arjuna ArdaghAiring July 1 – 7, 2020

Replacing Automatic Habits With Creative Possibilities
with Arjuna Ardagh

Program 3510

Ardagh talks about awakening which suggests motion and an on-going unfoldment. Awakening Coaching goes beyond focusing on the achievement of goals. It emphasizes the pursuit of your deepest longing. For example we might have a goal to be earning more money. Awakening Coaching would guide us to the deeper question of what more money in our life would give us.

Thomas Moore

Airing July 8 – 14, 2020

Reimagining A Religion That Feeds Your Soul
with Thomas Moore, Ph.D.
Program 3493

This is a time for us to step away from the dogmas of the religions of our youth and set our spiritual compass according to our personal values and philosophy as we search for a religion that feeds our souls. Moore says “we need not settle for an off the rack” religion but can discover one that is rooted in our own unique experience.

Catherine Ann JonesAiring July 15 – 21, 2020

Healing Through Focused Journeying
with Catherine Ann Jones
Program 3500

Jones gives practical advice as to how we can engage in deep inner work through focused journaling. She shares exercises that can act as powerful tools in reframing the pieces of our past and our life stories so that suffering becomes meaningful and can boost our healing, empowerment, growth, and transformation.

Michael GelbAiring July 22 – 28, 2020

Igniting And Sustaining Your Genius 
with Michael Gelb, Ph.D.
Program 3515

Gelb suggests that we can tap into the lively energy we enjoyed as a child by raising our qi or vital energy. He shares some simple practices that can immediately turn our low energy into exuberance and suggests several ways to enhance our creativity, such as the use of mind maps and knowing the difference between a fixed mindset and a creative mindset.

Linda CarrollAiring July 29 – August 4, 2020

Learning To Love Well: – Thoughts On A Long-Lasting Relationship
with Linda Carroll
Program 3526

Linda Carroll shares her insights into the reality of maintaining a lasting, loving relationship. She describes the stages of relationships, each with distinct characteristics and accompanying lessons. There’s an evolution happening within each relationship that forces us to make important decisions about ourselves and the trajectory of our personal growth.