Spotlight: Angels In Our Lives


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Angels are the most popular of all spiritual beings. Who are they? How may we speak to them? How may we hear them? Listen to programs specially selected from the New Dimensions archive, avail yourself of “angel therapy,” and explore the intriguing possibility of the role that angels play in our lives and in all of creation.

Fr. Matthew FoxRupert Sheldrake

Angels: Where Science Fears to Tread
Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. & Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Program 2593
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How does modern physics parallel and transform the concept of angels? How did a split between science and spirit come about, and how are the two being reconnected? What is the importance of wonder and awe in scientific study? The answers to these and many other questions are explored in this dynamic conversation between a scientist and a theologian/priest. Read more »

Angels Among Us
with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Program 2848
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Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. reveals how clarity and healing can take place in many forms with “angel therapy.” Here she shares the messages she receives directly from the angels about life after death, finding your divine purpose, addiction, children, dreams, how your past lives may affect your present-life issues, and more everyday practical topics. Read more »

Shaun McNiffEarth Angels In Everyday Life
with Shaun McNiff

Program 2555
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Disregarding the transcendent winged beings of traditional lore, McNiff points instead to “earth angels” – objects right in front of us, however mundane or unholy they may seem – that enrich our psychic life with significance and imagery. These “earth angels” can help us re-embody our spiritual awareness and bring it down to earth. Read more »

Laeh Maggie GarfieldSpiritual Warrior
with Laeh Maggie Garfield

Program 1979
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Laeh Garfield was trained by Pomo Indian shamaness Essie Parrish. In this conversation Garfield speaks of how we can tap into our own deep wisdom source and enhance our self-knowledge. Pragmatic and relevant, she shares her experience openly and clearly in ways that transform the usually esoteric into understandable language. Read more »