Balancing Our Chakra System For Emotional And Spiritual Healing with Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Anodea JudithEnergy is at the core of everything. It’s the currency of existence. Anodea Judith substitutes the word “charge” for energy. It’s easy to relate to the idea of being charged up about something or having a charge about an issue. This charge relates to our life-force energy and can be blocked or be freely flowing. It also relates to our chakra system, which comprises the organizational centers in the body for the reception, assimilation, storage and expression of life-force energy. These energy centers help us translate what we receive, and consequently interpret, into our own inner language and store it in our memory. Regarding charge, Judith says, “Charge is really neutral but how it goes through your system and the beliefs you have about it can be positive or negative. For example, anger can be destructive or it can be productive.” Here she takes us through the seven chakra centers and how we can work more effectively with them.





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