Spotlight: The Bible – The Most Influential Book in Western Culture

POSTED May 24, 2017 IN
Graphic and composite by New Dimensions

Graphic and composite by New Dimensions

Whether or not you read the Bible, whether or not you consider yourself religious, you are affected by the Bible’s influence on society. For this reason, it may be very interesting to discover just what the Bible says and what it doesn’t say. The Spotlight programs this week highlight the stories that have been influencing Western culture through millennia. These dialogues feature scholars who have studied the texts and are presenting cogent, relevant, and inspiring views of this “word of God.” Increasingly, theological positions are at the heart of contemporary American political debate. It behooves us to have a broad understanding of the Bible. This understanding is relevant to us, whether or not we are religious.

Billl MoyersGenesis: A New View
with Bill Moyers

Program #2592
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Here Moyers discusses some of the controversies surrounding Genesis, the first book of the Bible, which, he points out, contains some of the most powerful stories in Western civilization. He says, “Stories are the way we organize our response to the world…Listening to others, and having them listen to you, is a way to grow your own faith.” Read more »

Charlotte GordonThe Foremothers Of Judaism, Islam, And Christianity
with Charlotte Gordon, Ph.D.

Program #3329
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The war in Iraq has been called a war between the sons of Sarah and the sons of Hagar, the two wives of Abraham. Biblical scholar Charlotte Gordon has examined the story of these women in all its complexity, unraveling key elements that were lost in translations of the Old Testament. Her premise gives us hope for harmony and reconciliation between Muslims and Jews. Read more »

Alexander ShaiaThe Gospels Of Jesus: A Map Of Transformation
with Alexander Shaia, Ph.D.

Program #3353
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Shaia sees a cyclical pattern in the four gospels of the Bible. In this fascinating study, he interprets Matthew, Mark, John, and Luke as four chapters of one unified gospel that explores change, suffering, joy, and service. Dr. Shaia’s work brings new meaning to the gospels and new answers to the questions we face every day. Read more »

John Shelby Spong2Seeing The Bible Anew
with Bishop John Shelby Spong

Program #3098
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Increasingly, theological positions on war, women, and discrimination against homosexuals are at the heart of contemporary American political debate. At the center of these controversies is the Bible. Based on a cultural and historical context of the Bible, Spong gives us a worldview that promotes respect and love for each other, our planet and all of life. Read more »

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