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This month you’ll be hearing from David Bedrick who, in his book, makes the provocative statement that “There is no symptom that belongs only to the individual, whether that symptom is emotional, spiritual, physical, social, or financial. . . . When we don’t consider this larger web, we are more likely to feel shame about our suffering and our inability to heal our psychological symptoms. In essence, the individual may believe that their difficulty is only about them – their limits, pathologies, deficiencies, and failures.” In our dialogue with David, he tells us that these issues are not divorced from social and political moments.

Here is what he says about New Dimensions:

David Bedrick“I’m amazed at the years, the tenure, and therefore the depth, the ground that New Dimensions has tilled and the number of people you’ve brought to your microphones and interviewed. But it is more than each individual. You’ve tilled the soil. I’ve listened to so many programs where you have created an environment for guests and a place for people to grow. You’ve planted seeds that grow. For example I’ve listened to an interview with Arny Mindell. I’ve listened to that one a number of times, and then I said to myself, “Who is this Arny Mindell?” And I move to Oregon and study with him. My whole life has changed; now I work with hundreds of people. Life ripples out with the work that New Dimensions does. It’s really amazing.”

David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW is a psychological activist and author
of: Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology and
Revisioning Activism: Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity
to Individual and Social Change

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