Spotlight: If You Missed These Programs Here Are Some Suggestions of Favorites from Justine

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stepping stones

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Why do we feel good when we’re helping other people? Marc Barasch suggests, “It’s an evolutionary reward circuit, because evolution likes it when we cooperate.” Within these four MP3s specially selected from the New Dimensions program archive you’ll find tools and reminders that will bring the quality of cooperation and loving kindness into your life.

Rebecca Solnit

Weaving The Fabric Of The World
with Our Stories with Rebecca Solnit

Program #3532
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Rebecca Solnit discusses how all of us are connected to one another as though we are threads woven into the fabric of the world. Storytelling is often our way of tracing these threads, starting with our personal stories and exploring outward. The effects of our stories can be subtle and powerful. Solnit explains how we make our stories and how our stories make us. Read more »


Peter RussellMatter And Consciousness: Shifting The Metaparadigm
with Peter Russell, D.C.S.

Program #3537
MP3 Download
Buy here $1.99

Russell explains the difference between a paradigm and a metaparadigm and why consciousness cannot be explained within our current systems. He describes how all of life, and the universe as a whole, has the capacity for consciousness. His insight into the essence of “I am” points to how our seeking is actually obstructing our natural state of contentment. Read more »


Fr. Matthew FoxThe Brilliance Of Meister Eckhart, A Visionary For Our Times
with Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Program #3517
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Meister Eckhart was a preacher and mystic who lived in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Yet like Rumi and Hafiz he remains relevant today. He dedicated his life to trying to restart Christianity into something experiential. Fox also speaks of the Cosmic Christ and the feminine force of wisdom. Read more »


Alan KaufmanThe Redemption Of The Soul Of A Writer
with Alan Kaufman

Program #3488
MP3 Download
Buy here $1.99

Kaufman grew up in the Bronx, the Jewish son of a Holocaust survivor. He recounts a most poignant tale of his trek to follow the footsteps of his mother’s escape from the Nazis. His two traveling companions are inexplicably sons of Nazis. With disarming candidness, he shares his story of sinking into alcoholism and his road to sobriety and writing. Read more »

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