Spotlight: Father Bede Griffiths – A Mystical Bridge of East and West

POSTED February 3, 2016 IN

Father Bede Griffiths

Father Bede Griffiths 1906 – 1993. In all the many interviews we’ve done over the years, rarely have we met a truly “holy one” in the full sense of what that means. Fr. Bede lived in a rarified energetic. In the mid-1950s Fr. Bede went to live in India as a Christian monastic and eventually became the most famous exemplar of Christian sannyasa—a life of utter poverty and abandonment to the Spirit of which St. Francis of Assisi is the prime Western example. Father Bede is considered to be one of the great spiritual prophets of the 20th century.

Father Bede GriffithsEast And West: The Mystical Connection
with Fr. Bede Griffiths

Program #1811
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A Christian monk who lived in India for over thirty years shares some remarkable insights about the contemplative life. He builds a bridge linking the Gnostic tradition of early Christianity and the mystical tradition streaming down through the centuries with the ancient philosophies of Vedanta and Buddhism. The results are fascinating and profound. Read more »

Father Bede Griffiths

Return To The Sacred
with Fr. Bede Griffiths

Program #2273
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This discussion with a remarkable Benedictine monk who founded an ashram in South India is a beautiful, stirring exploration of human spirituality. In a rare synthesis of Christian, Hindu and modern scientific thought, the late Father Bede discusses the infusing of gross matter and daily life with spirit and much more.  Read more »

Asha PaulRussill PaulFather Bede GriffithsSacred Music:
Gateway To The Infinite

with Fr. Bede Griffiths,
Russil & Asha Paul

Program #2274
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Interplay between Fr. Bede and two musician friends becomes a profoundly moving musical excursion through the deep truths and feelings of the various spiritual traditions represented in their South Indian Christian-Hindu ashram. Through the musical gifts of the Pauls, we hear for ourselves how the many different names and descriptions of God are reflections of a single reality. Read more »

Russill PaulAsha PaulBrother Wayne TeasdaleFr. Bede Griffiths: Interspirituality For The 21st Century
with Br. Wayne Teasdale,
Asha & Russill Paul

Program #3009
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The late Brother Wayne Teasdale and the Pauls share their experience of Father Bede, his legacy, and the promise it holds for the world we face today. Father Dom Bede Griffiths was a much-revered mystic who grew beyond his Christian traditions to embrace and embody the philosophical grounding in both eastern and western thought. Read more »
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