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Dear New Dimensions Listener,

I’ve waited until the election results became clear to write this piece to ask you for your financial support. As we continue to serve up a feast of relevant topics that will continue to inspire with its timeless wisdom, please consider supporting New Dimensions with your financial contribution. Below are a couple of examples and a complimentary link to a relevant program from our deep archive.

Now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our President and Vice President-elect, our work begins in earnest to hold them to their campaign pledges.

 Yesterday I sat once more with scholar of mythology Michael Meade.  In the interview, among other thoughts, we talked about the fact that close to half of this country wanted another candidate to win. Meade wrote, “We are worn down, worn out, burned out and exhausted — COVID crisis, political crisis, climate crisis, economic crisis, and equal opportunity and justice for all. We are divided and socially distanced… We have to look for underlying unities and that requires, more than anything, imagination — the kind of imagination that suggests that we are all connected somehow — All connected to the soul of the world. And we’re secretly connected to the deep self.” You’ll be hearing this program in January.

Now, the work begins to bring our nation together. I feel empathy for those who are feeling as I felt in 2016 which was deep disappointment. It is my prayer that we all become the “United States”. I think Biden can be the one to pull us together with his enormous heart and ability to feel empathy towards others. May we all leap forward in fulfilling the vision of USA with “liberty, and justice for all.”

Jacob NeedlemanI was recently reminded by a listener of a program that Michael Toms did with philosopher Jacob Needleman, Ph.D., The Soul of America, which is truly appropriate for this moment. Here is a free complementary link to this program.

The Soul Of America with Jacob Needleman, Ph.D.

Here Needleman re-tells the story of America in a way that inspires and invites us to explore the sacred dimension of our founding principles.  He ignites our imagination and instills in us a deep reverence and appreciation for the unwavering vision that was necessary to establish our government. In his re-telling of the American story, Needleman brings to light the nation’s deep hunger for meaning.




Justine Willis Toms
Cofounder and Host


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