Redefining Success And Thriving with Arianna Huffington

The common lament in these post-modern times is that there is not enough time. We’re overly busy and are overworking. We allow our gadgets, such as smart phones and tablets, to absorb our attention. We jump down the rabbit hole of emails and texting, and engage in social media letting them take up more and more of our time so we spend less and less time connecting with ourselves and with one another in deep and meaningful ways. Many studies have shown all of these things prevent us from having the time to regenerate and recharge and to tap into our innate wisdom. After suffering a fall from over-exhaustion, Arianna Huffington asked herself this question: “What is success?” She points out, “by the conventional definition of success, I was successful. I had just been chosen for Time Magazine as one of a hundred most influential people…But by any sane definition of success, I was clearly not successful. I was collapsing and finding myself in a pool of my own blood. That was the beginning of this journey for me. It was really about redefining success, both for me and for all of us.” Success in Huffington’s terms is about the quality of our well-being. It is about the wisdom and the wonder that manifests in our lives as well as the contribution we make to others. She has many suggestions as to how we can live a life of well-being, wisdom and wonder.

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